The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is expanding rapidly and one can expect a lot of new thing in the year 2018. Some of these trends you might expect, others will surprise you. What we should always have in mind with this industry is the constant request from the consumers to change and modernize the restaurant experience. This greatly influences the speed of development. Restaurants are always finding new ways to make their interiors better and more attractive, as well as making their food more delicious and bizarre. This is why we want to share with you some of the trends that can be expected in the coming year.

Asian Island Cuisine

The new foods of the Middle East will come from the island nations of the Pacific. Momentum is building up around the Filipino food, but more can be expected from Indonesia, Malesia, and Singapore. The combination of sour, bitter and aromatic flavors will make your taste buds excited with new sensations.

Food that Cares for your Gut

Food that Cares for your GutThe healthy lifestyle has made its ways into many different aspects of society, and the same can be said of the restaurant industry. Health food restaurants already exist, but the new trend is making food that cares for your digestive tract. This is food, and medicine at the same time. The main dishes are different types of soups, with a combination of herbs, and vegetables that help with your digestion.

Revolution in Off-Premise Food

Food delivery is something we are all used to, but this is true only for certain food groups. The restaurant industry is following the trend of eating restaurant food at home, and they are always looking to find new ways of packaging and delivering their food to costumes that don’t like to eat out. This means that we can expect more options of taking out food in the coming year.


restaurant industry,The technological advancements that have struck the world have always left their mark on the restaurant industry, the same can be expected from the information revolution. Technological and information advancements will influence the operational aspects of the restaurant. Faster service and food production, as well as more options for personalization of customer service and food design. These influences will spread to the food delivery system as well. Some people are even talking about robotized food production or robotic kitchen helpers. The future of food is exciting as the future of technology.

Interior and Real Estate

The world has developed into a mass transit of ideas and aesthetic principles, all of which have made a mark on the restaurant industry. This is why we expect that the year 2018 will give us some new ways of designing the restaurant experience. Some of the trends that are already being talked about include the come back of the retro finish, lighting in the that makes us look good, more plants and greenery, making the restaurant attractive for Instagram photos, and a new wave of the minimalist approach to interior design.